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    Cooperazione Odontoiatrica Internazionale ETS
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    COI has been working for many years to guarantee the right to basic oral care and to global health, to reduce inequalities in people’s living conditions through sustainable international cooperation projects.

    COI has developed qualified experience to intervene on:

    • training and professional updating of local staff;
    • prevention and education to oral and basic health;
    • setting up of dental clinics and transfer of suitable technologies;
    • humanitarian emergency;
    • rehabilitation of medical care and prevention services post-emergency or war;
    • sending NGO workers and volunteers for medical care activities.

    We currently have active projects in Africa, Asia and Europe.


    Bosnia Erzegovina

    “Healthy teeth for smiling child”

    Since 2008, thanks to the dedicated support of volunteers, we organize missions to operate under general anesthesia on young disabled patients, at the Mostar Hospital.
    There we also do other activities: training of local staff and oral hygiene information to the parents of disabled young patients. We also do visits, tartar ablation with ultrasound and prepare the packaging of free prosthetic products for all those disabled without means, who have requested it.

    Acceptance and triage activities are extended to all the young people in the area, from every ethnic group.


    Partner: Caritas Mostar and Goal Smile Onlus
    Project Manager: Paolo Rossi


    The project is currently supported by Tavola Valdese – Ufficio Otto per mille and is managed by Goal Smile Onlus in partnership with COI.

    otto x mille Chiesa Valdese


    Support to pediatric dental clinics in the palestinians refugee camps

    The project, started in 2003 and funded annually from Tavola Valdese, has supported five dental clinics in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. COI has organized professional updating activities to the local Doctor and Dentist following WHO guidelines and, at the same time, the nursing staff on the correct procedure to sterilization, dental assistant and training on oral hygiene.


    The current project phase in progress consists in the support to 2 pediatric dental clinics in the camps on Shatila and Rashidieh and the reinforcement of the control of cross-infections in the 7 pediatric dental clinics managed by the local partner NSCVT.

    A new profile, designated to do the control and monitoring, has already been formed by COI Volunteers and is working at the 7 clinics managed by the local partner. The project, therefore, will follow up the control and monitoring activity which, after the first report, has already provided encouraging results in many clinics.


    Local Partner: Beit Atfal Assumoud – National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training (NISCVT).
    Project Manager: Dr. Patrizia Di Caccamo.


    Co-financed Project by: Tavola Valdese – Ufficio Otto per Mille

    otto x mille Chiesa Valdese

    Frame, Voice, Report!

    In 2018, COI participated to the “Frame, Voice, Report!” call of application, a support facility granted by the European Commission with the objective of strengthening and enhancing awareness and engagement among EU citizens in relation to the Sustainable Development Goals – more commonly known as the Global Goals.

    COI passed the call of application presenting the project “Invisible Stories: the Palestinian resilience in Lebanon” which was born thanks to a constructive collaboration among the Lebanese NGO NISCVT Assumoud, COI and two journalists from Turin, to provide the necessary media attention towards different stories. The aim was to create powerful narrations coming directly from the refugees’ experience that together could illustrate the migrants’ strengths, fighting the obstacles of scarce national services, instead of framing a victimizing notion of refugee. The lens through which these stories were described is the third Global Goal: Good health and well-being, under the category of “Migration”.

    The activities of this project, ended in June 2019, consisted of:

    • the creation of a docu-film “Invisible Stories” that has won  3 International Prizes;
    • the writing of several written articles published on Italian newspaper and magazines;
    • a photo exhibit at the Polo del ‘900 palace in Turin and in the Community Center “Cascina Roccafranca” (Turin);
    • the production of a catalog with the photos exhibited.

    Click here to watch the trailer of the “Invisible Stories” docu-film

    The project is carried out in collaboration with the local association:
    Beit Atfal Assumoud – National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training (NISCVT).

    The project was funded through the COP (Consorzio delle Ong Piemontesi) by “Frame, Voice, Report!” with the contribution of the European Union