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    Cooperazione Odontoiatrica Internazionale ETS
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    COI Vision is a World without poverty where cultural diversities, equal rights and opportunities coexist and in which oral health is a right for everyone and not a reality denied or an optional choice.

    Our Mission is the promotion of basic oral health in low-income countries and in the most vulnerable segments of Italian population.

    Our working method: COI implements international cooperation Projects answering to specific requests made by the involved communities. These projects include training of local staff, prevention and treatment activities, using the technology most suitable, to the environment and to the capacity of local staff to ensure an independent project management and sustainable over time.

    Every project includes a careful feasibility study to define the goals: these will be achieved in partnership with the local stakeholders.

    Indeed, the meaning of International Cooperation for COI is to work “with” and “for” less favored communities, because only through dialogue, collaboration, transparency and shared responsibility we can effectively fight poverty and guarantee equal dignity, rights and opportunities.

    In Italy we promote the awareness that we need a common effort to fight the causes of the gap between North and South of the World and for the right to oral health in less favored communities.

    Thanks to the goals reached in the past years, COI has obtained a qualify experience to intervene on:

    Training and locals staff updating.

    Preparation of dental clinics and suitable technology transfer.

    Rehabilitation of care and prevention services in post-conflict or emergency areas.

    Prevention and education to oral health and basic health.

    Humanitarian war emergency.

    Sending staff and volunteers for care activities.

    COI aims to remove the causes of social distress that exclude millions of people from oral care all over the world.