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    Cooperazione Odontoiatrica Internazionale ETS
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    COI – Cooperazione Odontoiatrica Internazionale is a non-profit Organization and a NGO that performs development cooperation activities.

    COI head office is in Turin, Via Nizza 230, at the Dental School (8 Gallery, Lingotto).

    COI activities are regulated by a Statute, in which are described the Authorities of the Association.

    The Executive Board, actually composed of 8 members, is the core of COI. It is elected every 3 years by the General Meeting of Members, to which belong all the members regularly registered.

    The General Meeting of Members also elects the President (who is also the legal representative), the College of Auditors and the Board of Arbitrators.

    COI Executive Board consists of:

    President – Marco Lungo

    Vice President – Patrizia Di Caccamo

    Treasurer - Marco Negro

    General Secretary – Cristiana Zerosi

    Other Members of the Board – Francesco Bassi, Tiziana Francone, Paolo Rossi, Giancarlo Vecchiati.

    Honorary Members: Jennifer Atkinson Sardo Infirri (died in 2018), Francesco Fiori, Giulio Preti, Attilio Toscani

    College of Auditors: Luca Galizia, Antonio Mainardi, Claudio Pomatto

    Board of Arbitrators: Evangelista Giovanni Mancini, Gianpaolo Parolini, Roberto Santopadre

    COI staff members:

    Projects Coordinator – Eugenio Sgroi

    Fundraiser and Communication – Luisa Parco

    COI activities can be performed mainly thanks to the support and help of many volunteers who, every day, devote their time to the association.