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    Cooperazione Odontoiatrica Internazionale ETS

    Cooperazione Odontoiatrica Internazionale (International Dental Cooperation)

    Cooperazione Odontoiatrica Internazionale (COI) has had its headquarters in Turin since 1993. It was the first voluntary dental association in Italy to commit to ongoing professionally organized programs aiming at oral health care in low-income countries.

    Our Mission is the promotion of oral health in low-income countries and in the most vulnerable segments of Italian population.

    The association activities are mainly of three types: International Cooperation, Projects of social dentistry in Italy, Education and Research.

    International Cooperation in Low-Income Countries: we have been working for many years to guarantee anybody the right to oral and global health and for the reduction of inequalities in people’s living conditions through sustainable cooperation projects. We have qualified experience to intervene on: vocational training and updating of local staff; prevention and education to oral basic health; setting up of dental clinics and transfer of suitable technologies; humanitarian emergency; rehabilitation of medical care and prevention services post-emergency or war; sending NGO workers and volunteers for medical care activities.

    Social Dentistry in Italy: we accomplish social dentistry projects and activities for less favored communities, especially for people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, the elderly and new poor.

    Education and Research: we undertake training courses for dentists and medical staff. In partnership with the University of Turin, COI organizes a postgraduate degree (Master) on “Oral Health in less favored communities and in low-income countries”.


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    Our Mission is the promotion of basic oral health in low-income countries and in the weakest sections of the population in Italy.

      Our contacts:

      Head office:

      via Nizza, 230 – 10126 Torino
      c/o Dental School 3° piano

      Phone.: +39.011.6708185
      Cell phone: +39.347.3158424
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